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How To Promote $1000+ Products As An Affiliate With FREE Social Media Traffic

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"There is easily $1000 worth of value in this training" - Nishant H, Affiliate Marketer

What's in The 5 Day Challenge?

Day 1 - The easiest way promote $1000+ products as a affiliate

I'm going to show you how it is possible for an average person to have thousand dollar days with affiliate marketing. I have made over $100k in my very first year of affiliate marketing by using this exact strategy.

This is by far the fastest and simplest way to promote $1000+ products using 100% FREE traffic.

Day 2 - How I auto-sell $1000+ products using my social media profile

This is the exact process I use to promote $1000+ products.

Most affiliate think that they need a complicated funnel to pull this off. If you are making less than $10k/month, then you absolutely don't need a funnel or to invest a dime in paid ads. 

Keep in mind this is a practical implementation training- I’m not just going to show you what I do. We are going to do it together. 

Day 3 - How I get free traffic on social media

I always say there is $100,000 dollars lying in your social media profile because that’s how much I made using my FB profile. Most affiliates have no idea about this goldmine hidden in plain sight.

I’m going to show you “the few changes” that turned my social media profile into my personal ATM machine.

There is no need to go anywhere else or find any other traffic source until you have made at least a $100,000 here first. Most affiliates fail because they make the process too complicated.

Day 4 - How I convert FREE social media traffic into buyers

By now, you will know exactly what I do to get traffic on social media and where I find hungry buyers...

Here I’m going to show you a breakthrough strategy that I use to make all these hungry buyers come to me using a unique strategy unlike anything that you have seen before.

We're going to talk about what I say and do to make all the hungry buyers send me messages like - “Hey I want to buy through your affiliate link” or “Hey I want to work with you.”

It’s true. I get messages like this every single day. It’s all because I spend 15 minutes/day using this breakthrough strategy.

Day 5 - The 45 second 'Money Maker Post'

I’m going to show you my favorite way to promote $1000+ affiliate products. It’s what I call a 'Money Maker Post'. 

This takes less than 45 seconds to make. And it makes me anywhere from $3000 - $5000. It’s crazy effective.

In this training video I’m going to show you the exact process that I use. Then, I’m going to show you a case study of a simple 'Money Maker Post' - which made me $3,000.

You can do this once or twice every week. And every time you do this, you will get a flood of people to raise their hand and say - 'Hey I want to work with you'

What Can You Expect To Get Out Of The
5 Day Challenge?

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